Iran promises retaliatory attack on Israel's nuclear positions


Iran is ready to strike Israel's nuclear facilities if it attacks the Islamic Republic. This statement was made by the head of the IRGC, which is responsible for the security of Iran's nuclear arsenal, Ahmad Haktalab.

He emphasized that Iran had already identified the location of the republic's nuclear facilities.

"If Israel wants to take action against our nuclear facilities, it will definitely face our response — Israel and its nuclear facilities will be attacked. <...> Israel's nuclear facilities have been identified, the necessary information about all targets is at our disposal, and in order to respond to their possible aggressive actions, our hands are already on the trigger of launching powerful missiles to destroy identified targets",

Ahmad Haktalab said.

In the event of the attack, Iran will reconsider its nuclear program.

It was previously reported that the Iranian authorities would not produce nuclear weapons, and the development of the nuclear sphere would proceed only in a peaceful direction.

© Photo :IRNA