Iran ratifies SCO membership

Iran ratifies SCO membership

The Iranian Majlis ratifies a bill on the country's entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, 205 deputies of parliament voted for the adoption of the document.

As Aboulfazl Amui, head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis, recalled, the process of Iran's accession to the SCO as a permanent member took place over the past 15 years, and at the 22nd summit the country was admitted to the organization

"Since then, 49 executive documents have been approved, and these documents must be adopted by the Islamic Republic. In fact, the condition for Iran's entry into the SCO is the adoption of these documents", IRNA quoted him.

He stressed that the SCO was of great international importance. According to him, the organization with the participation of Russia and China is considered one of the significant regional organizations due to the volume of economic exchanges.

Amui added that Iran's entry into the SCO showed the multilateral nature of the country's foreign policy.