Iran's supreme leader endorses Raisi as new president

Iran's supreme leader endorses Raisi as new president

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei endorsed Ebrahim Raisi as the next president of Iran, who vowed on Tuesday.

Raisi said he had a comprehensive plan to save the Islamic Republic from its severe economic crisis as well as the spiking health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

On Monday, a spokesman for the Iranian Parliament, Seyyed Nezam Al-Din Mousavi announced that 115 officials from 73 countries would attend the follow-up inauguration ceremony for Raisi on Thursday.

Whereas Tuesday’s ceremony demonstrated Raisi being given authority by Khamenei and focused on top domestic officials of the Islamic Republic, Thursday’s affair is expected to have more of a global character.

Thursday’s "inauguration ceremony will be attended by 10 presidents, 20 speakers of parliament, 11 foreign ministers, 10 other ministers, envoys of presidents, vice presidents and parliamentary delegations," Mousavi announced on Monday, according to Iranian media.

He went on to say, "The heads and officials of 11 international and regional organizations, the representative of the UN Secretary-General, the President of OPEC and officials from the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the European Union, Eurasian Economic Union, Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation will be also attended the event."

Despite Thursday’s introduction of Raisi to the world, in many ways the ceremony Tuesday is the more crucial one, given that Khamenei is the final word for all things in the country.

"Representatives and prominent figures of different religions and sects of the world were also invited. Important cultural and social figures of the Islamic world will also be present and these figures will arrive in Tehran in the coming days," Mousavi told Iranian media.

Raisi won election with over 60% of the vote (17,9 mln votes) on June 18.