Iran suspends electricity exports to Iraq

Iran suspends electricity exports to Iraq

Iran has suspended electricity exports to Iraq to meet its electricity needs, spokesman for the Ministry of Energy of Iran Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi said.

Rajabi Mashhadi noted that at present, each kilowatt-hour of electricity generated in Iran costs 1,930 rials (about $0.04). However, citizens pay 800 rials (about $0.02) per kilowatt hour of electricity.

In addition, the Iranian Ministry of Energy purchases 3,800 rials (about $0.09) per kilowatt-hour of additional electricity from small power plants and power plants in the industrial sector. According to the official, 230 million cubic meters of gas are consumed daily for electricity generation. If electricity consumption is reduced, this figure could be reduced to 210 million cubic meters.

The spokesman stressed that in addition, Iran exported 13 megawatt-hours of electricity to Afghanistan today. While in the last week, this figure was 100 megawatt-hours.