Iraq returns remains of 199 Iranian martyrs

Iraq returns remains of 199 Iranian martyrs

Remains of the bodies of 199 Iranian martyrs of the Iraqi war on Iran in 1980-88 were transferred to the country through the southwestern border of Shalamcheh.

Remains of 30 bodies of the martyrs were discovered at a rugged terrain region at the end of Arvand Rud, the head of the research committee responsible for finding the bodies of war-time martyrs, General Mohammad Baqerzadeh, said.

Baqerzadeh noted that parts of the remains of the martyrs' bodies had chemical protective clothing on which indicates that the enemy had used chemical weapons in that region.

As the general underlined, the newly-found martyrs will be identified after being transferred to Tehran, IRNA reported.

The remains of 48 bodies of the Iranian martyrs who were killed during Iran-Iraq war are the latest returned to the country via Shalamcheh border about two months ago.