Irina Hecht: Rosatom takes seriously the situation with Lake Karachai

Irina Hecht: Rosatom takes seriously the situation with Lake Karachai

Today the studio of Vestnik Kavkaza was visited by the representative of the executive body of the Chelyabinsk region, Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and the Environment, Irina Hecht. In the conversation she said that Rosatom has closed Lake Karachai in the Urals, where a large amount of radioactive waste products has accumulated over many years.

Above all, the senator noted that the Chelyabinsk region is one of the pioneers and champions of the nuclear industry. This was made possible thanks to the work of people of the production association Mayak. "At the same time, our ignorance led to many mistakes, as it was happening for the first time. In the early 50’s waste products were dumped into the River Techa. Later we started to use Lake Karachai when it became clear that it was forbidden to do this. We dumped those waste products that could not be utilized," she explained.

"We want to make a contribution to the development of the country's citizens, who lived in these areas and worked for the production association. We would like for it to be assessed at the legislative level. Because we have no such law today. After Chernobyl, our citizens were connected to one of the categories of the Chernobyl law. But in fact, for many people, especially for the elderly, it was just a cry from the heart. The law that we have been discussing for many years is a tribute to the labor feat that took place in those years. It is a significant sum of money,'' the representative of the executive body of the Chelyabinsk region said.

Speaking about Lake Karachai, she recalled that radioactive waste products began to be dumped in 1951. "There was a threat of contamination of groundwaters. It occurred in 1967 when there was shortage of water, and radioactive waste products spread from the bottom of the lake. Citizens are still not protected by social safety. They are forced to prove the facts of their residence in different instances. That's why I say that some social justice should be re-established,'' the senator said.

"The step-by-step closing of Lake Karachai started in 1986. A historic event took place this year on November 26th. It was the conservation of the lake and a number of support structures and communications. The pond was completely covered with rocks and concrete blocks. Now it is planned to install several waterproofing layers so that nothing could contaminate groundwaters," she said.