Isfahan expresses interest in developing tourism ties with Russia

Isfahan expresses interest in developing tourism ties with Russia

Iran’s tourism market is still unfamiliar to the majority of potential Russian travelers, Isfahan tourism chief Alireza Izadi said.

“Iran’s tourism market is not properly known for Russian nationals. What we need in this field is to provide advertisements, information, and proper image of our country,” IRNA quoted him as saying. “Today, Russians [mainly] travel to [destinations such as] Dubai and Turkey for tourism, and one of our problems is that the Iranian market is not well known to them.”

The official expressed hope to reduce the gap by organizing FAM tours, B2B meetings, and forums to be attended by tourism insiders from the two countries.

Isfahan, for its part, will be hosting tens of Russian travel agents and tour operators on FAM tours in the near future, the official said.

A few days ago, working groups from Isfahan province and counterparts from Russia’s Saint Petersburg and Moscow explored ways to develop tourism ties.

Earlier in September, tourism insiders and officials from the two countries exchanged views on education, hotel management, holding joint exhibitions, and introducing tours and investments, among other issues.