Israel clearing Turkey-Armenia border of mines

Israel clearing Turkey-Armenia border of mines

Demining works are being carried out on the Armenian-Turkish border against the background of the Yerevan-Ankara agreements to open the ground border to citizens of third countries.

"Demining works have begun on the border between Armenia and Turkey. It is being carried out by an Israeli company," Turkish newspaper GazeteKars reports.

Demining works began 20 days ago, they are being carried out in the Turkish province of Kars. Its main purpose is the opening of the Dogu Kapi border crossing and the Alican highway and railway.

Armenia and Turkey have no diplomatic relations, the border between the two countries has been closed since 1993. At a meeting in Vienna on July 1, the special representatives of the two countries agreed to swiftly ensure the possibility of crossing the Armenian-Turkish land border for citizens of third countries visiting Armenia and Turkey. An agreement was reached to organize the direct airlifting of cargoes between Armenia and Turkey.