Israel expanding combat operation in Gaza

the Israeli army's website

Israel’s military operations are not limited to Hamas as it intends to eliminate all military infrastructure that could threaten its people, army spokesperson Jonathan Conricus said.

He noted that the Israeli army's intention is for there to be no military infrastructure in Gaza that has the ability to threaten Israeli civilians. According to him, that includes Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Resistance Committees, the Palestinian Liberation Front and a few others.

"It’s not only Hamas. And we intend for there to be no existent military structure capable of threatening Israelis. The target, of course, and the big center of gravity is Hamas but our operations are not limited to them. We have been engaged with and eliminated Islamic Jihad operatives and commandos since October 7 quite successfully," Jonathan Conricus said.

The army spokesperson stressed that they intend to continue to do so until the military groups are defeated and they get their hostages back.

© Photo :the Israeli army's website