Israeli firm loses drone export license for Azerbaijan - media

Israeli firm loses drone export license for Azerbaijan - media

Israel’s defense ministry has temporarily suspended the marketing and export license of Aeronautics Defense System, the manufacturer of  the Orbiter 1K drone system, preventing the firm from exporting its drones to "significant customer of the company in a foreign country", Haarez reported, claiming that it's about Azerbaijan.

According to Times of Israel, Aeronautics Defense Systems reports it stands to lose $20 million deal, denies it illegally used its UAV against Armenian forces during demonstration in Baku.

“The Defense Ministry’s Defense Export Controls Agency informed the company that it was suspending the marketing and export permit for the company’s Orbiter 1K model UAV to a significant customer,” the drone manufacturer wrote in its statement to the exchange.

According to Aeronautics, the company was poised to make a $20 million deal over the next two years with the “significant customer.”

“The company is working to clarify the issue with the Defense Ministry,” Aeronautics added.

The Defense Ministry has confirmed it is investigating the issue, but would not discuss the case further.