Kamikaze drone tested in Georgia

Kamikaze drone tested in Georgia

UAVs of domestic production were tested on the territory of Georgia. The head of the Georgian government, Irakli Garibashvili, and the head of the Georgian Defense Ministry attended the launch.

According to the government press service, the tests were successful.

Thus, the Warmate kamikaze drone belongs to the class of loitering UAVs with high target destruction accuracy, in addition, it can carry a charge of warheads.

In turn, the FlyEye reconnaissance drone can operate under various interfering factors, whether it comes to bad weather or an electronic attack. It is planned that the UAVs will be put into production in April this year.

Earlier, Vestnik Kavkaza wrote that Georgia and Poland were starting a joint production of UAVs. In addition to this, a training center for military personnel on the use of UAV's will be established in Georgia