Karjakin beats Carlsen and leads World Championship

 Karjakin beats Carlsen and leads World Championship

In round eight of the 2016 world championship, Russian Sergey Karjakin had multiple chances to ignite the match against Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. It was a tale of three one-square moves: the first played, the second missed, but the last one, and the most spectacular, found.

Karjakin's win, the first decisive game of the match, catapulted him into the lead, 4.5-3.5, with only four rounds to go. 

Game 9 will be Wednesday, Nov 23.

The World Chess Championship 2016 is an ongoing chess match between reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Sergey Karjakin to determine the World Chess Champion. The 12-game match is taking place between 11–30 November in New York City. If the score is tied after 12 games, a four-game rapid chess match will be played, then five two-game matches of blitz chess if necessary, and finally, an Armageddon game will be used to break the tie.