Kazakhstan restores energy system after breakdown

Kazakhstan restores energy system after breakdown

Kazakhstan’s energy system is fully operational again after a breakdown earlier on Tuesday, the government said.

"Kazakhstan’s energy system has been restored," the government said in a statement. "Timely measures have enabled the restoration of the energy system’s normal operations and supply of consumers within the shortest possible time."

According to the cabinet, the neighboring Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan experienced a complete power outage. Kazakhstan is assisting Uzbekistan in dealing with the accident as power stations gradually come back online and power supply resumes.

The difference between power generation and consumption in the power network of Central Asia was so significant in the morning of January 25 that it caused an overload of transit lines running from the north to the east and then to the south of Kazakhstan.

That triggered an automatic emergency response system, which enabled the country’s certain power plants to carry on generating some power, but prompted a steep frequency reduction throughout the Central Asian energy system, shutting down the systems of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

On Tuesday, southern Kazakhstan, almost all of Kyrgyzstan and eastern parts of Uzbekistan had massive power outages. The assets in Kazakhstan, which were affected by the accident, are managed by the Kegok company. It said the transit line was overloaded because of a network disbalance.