Kazakhstan shares its plans for 'Central' and 'Khvalynskoe' fields

Kazakhstan shares its plans for 'Central' and 'Khvalynskoe' fields

Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan shared its plans for the 'Central' and 'Khvalynskoe' oil and gas fields in 2016.

In the first case, Astana expects to receive permission from Moscow for subsoil use, after which the Kazakh side plans to proceed with the design and survey works and assessment of damages to aquatic bioresources because of engineering researches in this field.

As for the 'Khvalynskoe' field, this year the Ministry of Energy intends to continue consideration of a feasibility study of field development and harmonization of the conditions of production sharing agreements.

In addition, it is planned to continue to discuss these projects with Russia in 2016, Trend reports.