Khloponin: sanctions open Russian market for North Caucasus

Khloponin: sanctions open Russian market for North Caucasus

During the programs of import substitution, North Caucasus agribusiness companies have gained access to the Russian market: eight agribusiness investment projects will be carried out in the current year in the North Caucasus Federal District, due to which the budget will get a billion rubles in tax revenues every year, and the region will get 3500 jobs, the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin said.

"As a result of the active development of inter-regional economic relations, eco-friendly products from the North Caucasus can be bought not only in the southern region, but also in Moscow and St. Petersburg," TASS cited him as saying.

Khloponin explained that now the situation in the market has changed, its members believe in the success of the enterprise.

Khloponin added that the subsidized republics are undergoing complexities because of economic problems and sanctions, but now they have an opportunity to raise the industry involved in the import substitution program, taking into account regional specifics. "First of all, these are the tourism, agricultural and industrial spheres," the Deputy Prime Minister said.