Kremlin: Putin and Xi to focus talks on European security

Kremlin: Putin and Xi to focus talks on European security

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will pay significant attention to the Russia-US dialogue, guarantees of security and strategic stability in Europe during the upcoming talks in Beijing, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists Friday.

"I believe that significant time will be spent on exchange of opinions on the international agenda this time," the spokesman said about the upcoming talks. "This will include strategic stability in Europe, guarantees of security for Russia, Russia-US and Russia-NATO dialogue, as well as regional problems," Peskov said.

He underscored that Beijing will host "full-scale, flagship Russian-Chinese negotiations," when the two leaders "will have an opportunity to take both with each other and with the delegations."

"These won’t be the biggest delegations in terms of membership, but they will be totally sufficient from the standpoint of coverage of the existing areas of the multifaceted Russian-Chinese cooperation," the spokesman said.

According to Peskov, Putin and Xi Jinping "will synchronize their watches on the main areas of the bilateral cooperation." He clarified that "this includes trade and economy projects, energy, investment cooperation, space and so on and so forth, there are very many fields."

"The agenda is huge, because the Russian-Chinese relations are multi-format in terms of topics, so a serious, intense conversation is ahead," the spokesman believes.

He noted that Putin will arrive in Beijing in one week, on February 4.