Kvirikashvili urges to adopt Code of Conduct during election campaign

Kvirikashvili urges to adopt Code of Conduct during election campaign

The Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili stressed the need to adopt the Code of Conduct in connection with the beginning of the election campaign.

"As we have already entered the official election campaign period in Georgia, I would like to address Georgia's political forces, state agencies, and society as a whole. First, I urge everyone to adopt, in the nearest future, a code of conduct for political parties in the election campaign, and I hope that all responsible political forces in the country will accede to this document," he said.

According to him, the country's legislative body is already discussing this issue.

Kvirikashvili urged Georgia's state agencies to exercise prudence and caution in all their actions, regardless of their political sympathies, to ensure that such actions do not appear to favor one party or another. "It is vitally important to ensure to a maximum extent equal access to resources. I urge everyone against using administrative resources for political goals," he added.

He also addressed supporters of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party.

"The strongest point and advantage of our government lies within our attitude towards our opponents and different opinions. This is why it is crucial to maintain this approach and to avoid even the slightest perception of administrative resources being misused by us in any way. We do not need it because we enjoy our people's support in the first place!" he said.

He noted that special attention must be paid to the regions. "Our government ensures a fair, peaceful, and constructive electoral environment," the Prime Minister concluded.