Large cache of terrorist weapons discovered in Syria's Homs

Large cache of terrorist weapons discovered in Syria's Homs

A large cache of weapons used by militants in the southern Syrian provinces of Homs and Deir ez-Zor was discovered by the country's government troops with the support of Russian Aerospace Forces drones, a spokesman for the Russian Armed Forces group in Syria said.

"As a result of reconnaissance and search operations of the Syrian government forces with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the desert area in the east of the province of Homs, a large cache was discovered, used by militants to conduct terrorist activities in the provinces of Homs and Deir ez-Zor," the spokesman said.

"Four militants in two pickup trucks with heavy machine guns, who were discovered near ​​the cache and apparently guarded it, were killed during the operation," Sputnik cited him as saying.

The cache contained 36 assault rifles and light machine guns, seven large-caliber machine guns, a mounted grenade launcher with 28 grenades, an anti-tank guided missile system, 87 mines and grenades, about 40 kg of explosives and over 22,000 rounds of ammunition, including those produced by NATO countries. The militants also kept in a cache about 45 kg of medicines, some of which had also been brought from abroad, and 350 kg of food.