Lego Movie 2 cast demonstrates safety on Turkish Airlines

 Lego Movie 2 cast demonstrates safety on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines have produced an in-fight air safety video starring all of the characters of The Lego Movie 2.

Teams in five countries – Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia – worked for over four months and put in 979 hours of production to bring the safety video to life. More than 400 people, including 252 extras, 80 live-action crew and 70 animation team members, were involved in the creative process.

The video features 24,000 Lego minifigures in the crowd for the Super Hero Cape Town match and 20,330,795 Lego bricks used to build all the locations. This is ten times the amount of bricks used in the first Lego Movie-themed safety video, and PRWeek reckons the extra effort and cost was worth it.

Turkish Airlines produced 11 versions of the video (in English and Turkish) to accommodate the differences in the 28 different types of aircraft in its fleet, PRWeek reported.

It’s not the first time the airline has used the Lego Movie franchise to promote safety to its passengers. In August 2018, it debuted its first passenger safety video inspired by the Lego Movie franchise.