Liliya Gumerova: Azerbaijan has been and remains a reliable partner of Russia

Liliya Gumerova: Azerbaijan has been and remains a reliable partner of Russia

Russia is committed to dialogue, cooperation and resolving of even the most difficult problems in relations with the South Caucasus, including Azerbaijan, the first deputy chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, a representative of the executive body government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Liliya Gumerova, told Vestnik Kavkaza

During the 98th anniversary of the proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia (May 26th is Georgian Independence Day, May 28th is Republic Day in Azerbaijan, and May 28th is the Day of the Republic of Armenia) Vestnik Kavkaza published a series of statements by Russian politicians, economists and cultural figures on the links between Russia and these countries. Today, on the Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we offer the third part of the conversation with Liliya Gumerova, dedicated to the relations between Russia and Azerbaijan.

First of all, she stressed that Azerbaijan was in the past and remains a reliable partner of Russia, and Russia has always stood for the comprehensive development of cooperation between the two countries. "We can say with confidence that Azerbaijan is our strategic partner. It should be noted that there is an intense bilateral political dialogue between our countries and active, mutually beneficial cooperation in the trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres. This responds to the interests of the Russian and Azerbaijani peoples and, of course, it serves stability and security in the South Caucasus and in the Caspian region,’’ Liliya Gumerova said.

Liliya Gumerova is a member of the friendship group between the parliaments of Russia and Azerbaijan. "I am a witness of both the constructive dialogue and the special warm communication with our fellow parliamentarians from Azerbaijan. Of course, inter-parliamentary dialogue creates a good platform and foundation for the development of trade and economic cooperation. Despite the fact that there was some decline at the end of 2015 due to the international conditions and the sharp fluctuations of exchange rates of national currencies, we are on the path of promoting cooperation through the issuance of new joint projects, which are useful for the creation of the Russian-Azerbaijani Business Council," the first deputy chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture said.

In general, according to her assessment, the cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan is an example of effective cooperation. "Our bilateral relations in the humanitarian sphere are of a very high value. It is enough to see the results of the 4th Baku International Humanitarian Forum, which was attended by over 400 delegates, 14 Nobel laureates and a number of senior heads of state and government of foreign countries, the heads of several international organizations. The Russian delegation, headed by the Chair of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, was traditionally one of the largest in the forum,’’ the senator remained.

Earlier, speaking of the South Caucasus as a whole, the senator stressed the importance of the human relations that connect the region and Russia. "No matter what region of the Caucasus we may visit – this is a family, a centuries-old friendship, these are joint projects on various spheres of public life and political activities. The most important thing is the preservation of peace and stability in the Caucasus, and in the case of Russia – this is a force that is able to set an example, act as a guarantor of dialogue, to attract attention and send the best forces in a peaceful course. Only a guarantee of peace can provide further cooperation between our countries for the sake of prosperity, and the calm, peaceful and happy lives of millions of citizens,’’ the Deputy Chairman of the Board Committee Federation of Science, Education and Culture said.