Lukyanov: Gulf monarchies should pray for al-Assad

Lukyanov: Gulf monarchies should pray for al-Assad


Syrian President Bashar Assad is the last frontier of Persian Gulf states' security before Islamic State, the Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Yevgeny Lukyanov, said.

"I believe that the countries of this region – Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf states and maybe others – should pray for Bashar Assad. This is the last frontier of their security. If the Assad regime falls, then next goal of IS will be Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states," TASS cited him as saying.

"Some 5000 Saudi nationals are part of IS. When the active phase of confrontation ends there, where will they go? They will come back home. What can they do? They can only kill people," Lukyanov said.

The official said that the gunmen turn to Russia's diplomatic missions pretending to be tourists who have lost their passports.

"There is no country that would be immune from terrorist actions. IS differs from other groups, as it does not just carry out terrorist acts, but it seizes territory and creates power bodies, courts and imposes a set of Sharia laws. "They are creating a state," he said.