Match-winner predicting koala fired in Leipzig zoo

Match-winner predicting koala fired in Leipzig zoo

Koala Oobi-Ooobi has been rested from his Euro 2016 duties after failing to score.

After wrongly forecasting the outcome of Germany's matches against Ukraine and Poland, the he has returned to the sidelines at Leipzig zoo.

Oobi-Ooobi makes his predictions by choosing a eucalyptus branch from one of two glasses that are presented to him. One glass would have the German flag on it, and the other would bear the flag of Germany's opponent. Oobi-Ooobi had previously predicted a draw in the Germany-Ukraine game, and victory for Germany against Poland.

"As a fair loser he is now leaving the predictions to others. He sees his strengths in eating eucalyptus," Today Online cited a zoo spokesperson as saying.

It is the latest failed attempt to match Germany's Paul the Octopus, who achieved cult status by correctly predicting eight Germany matches at the 2010 World Cup.