Maxim Shevchenko: occupied regions of Azerbaijan should be released without bargaining

Maxim Shevchenko: occupied regions of Azerbaijan should be released without bargaining

The occupied territories of Azerbaijan should be released without any bargaining, the Russian journalist, TV host and public figure Maxim Shevchenko said in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

The Russian journalist told about his recent trip to Azerbaijan. "Recently, Alexander Dugin invited me to visit Azerbaijan, the zone of the Karabakh conflict in the Fizuli region. Many people condemn it. Armenian readers and listeners say: "How could you do it? You sold yourself, you were paid Baku money!" First, I give you my word that I did not get any money, and I didn't mean to take them. If they were offered me money, I would not go there. The Azerbaijani people prepared a rather comfortable trip for me and a fairly comfortable stay," he noted in the first place.

"We visited the occupied territories. According to all norms of international law, Fizuli, Lachin, Jebrail, Agdam regions are the territory of the Azerbaijani Republic, which were illegally occupied by Armenian armed forces with the support of the Yeltsin regime in the early 1990s. What an Armenian is ready to say that it is not true, that this is the territory of Armenia? The Armenian troops should withdraw from the occupied regions of Azerbaijan, and about a million Azerbaijanis should return there. After that, Baku will be ready to discuss the status of Nagorno-Karabakh, after Azerbaijani refugees return to Nagorno-Karabakh," Maxim Shevchenko recalled.

"My position has always been principled. I believe that Armenians should also return to the territory of Azerbaijan where they lived for centuries, and 400 thousand of expelled Azerbaijanis - to the territory of Armenia. It was a tragedy for all the people, and I went there to say that the war is a bad solution to all these issues, both for the Azerbaijani people and for the Armenian people. I believe that these areas should be released without any bargaining," the journalist drew attention.

"I am against the modern policy of Pashinyan. I believe that it is necessary to continue the policy of liberating the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, continue the peace process. I am sure that all reasonable Armenians who are not blinded by the myths of nationalism will support me in this decision. Therefore, my trip to Fizuli district was symbolic. I call on two ancient peoples, Azerbaijani and Armenian, to enter a really peaceful dialogue. If this dialogue is disrupted by the forces of war, like the peaceful arrangements between Sargsyan and Ilham Aliyev - by the coup in Armenia, then everyone is ready to war. I was convinced of it, having been on positions of Azerbaijani army - they are ready to fight for their country," Maxim Shevchenko said.

"Let's make the South Caucasus a peaceful territory. This is my only position. I am sure, that reasonable Armenians understand and support me," he concluded.

The conference entitled "Azerbaijan is Russia's only ally in the Caucasus" was held on July 1 in Jojug Marjanli village of Azerbaijan’s Jabrayil district, which was liberated from the Armenian occupation. The conference was attended by Leader of the International Eurasian Movement Aleksandr Dugin, Maksim Shevchenko, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee Dmitry Saveliyev, assistant to the Speaker of the State Duma of Russia Vladislav Kalkhidov and others.