Media: Biden's office postpones his visit to Middle East

Media: Biden's office postpones his visit to Middle East

The US administration has postponed US President Joe Biden's trip to the Middle East, planned for the end of June, to July, the Axios information portal reported today, citing sources in the governments of the United States and Israel.

The US officials have told their Israeli counterparts that Biden's first visit to the region as president will be postponed to July due to scheduling issues. In addition to this, Washington needs more time to prepare for the trip, TASS reports.

A source in the US administration said that the reason for it was the president's busy schedule because of his trip to Europe, adding that this decision was not related to the internal political situation in Israel.

The travel schedule was expected to include a summit in Saudi Arabia with the leaders of nine Arab states' participation. Biden also plans to visit Israel and Palestine.

The day before, the American leader did not rule out that he would soon pay a visit to Saudi Arabia, but stressed that a final decision on this matter had not yet been made.