Mehmet Samsar: We're bringing Turkey to Russia

Mehmet Samsar: We're bringing Turkey to Russia

Russians who have hever visited Turkey will be able to learn more about the republic during the Year of Cultures of Russia and Turkey, Turkish Ambassador to Russia, Mehmet Samsar, told correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

Ambassador highlighted steady increase in popularity of Turkey as tourist destination among Russians. "Last year, about 6 million Russian tourists visited Turkey, and their number is growing every year. Russian tourists visiting Turkey learn about Turkish hospitality, Turkish cuisine and various cultural characteristics of our country. Considering the fact that Russia's total population is about 140 million people, 6 million visitors (or 4.3% of all Russians) is a very significant number," he said.

"In order to strengthen relations in cultural and tourist fields, it was decided to hold the Year of Cultures and Tourism in 2019. We're bringing Turkey to Russia for those who have never visited our country - we present our culture and art in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. We hope that thanks to presentation of Turkish culture in Russia, number of Russian tourists will increase in the future," he noted.

"Russian side also presents its culture in Turkey. Of course, if visa-free regime will be introduced for Turkish side, number of Turkish tourists visiting Russia will increase. We invite all our Russian friends to events that will be held as part of the Year of Culture and Tourism," he concluded.