Military sites on fire in Iran

Military sites on fire in Iran

During the night, there were several explosions at military facilities in Iran. According to some reports, drones carried out this attack.

A series of explosions occurred at Iranian military facilities this night. The main incident took place at an ammunition plant belonging to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic in Isfahan, the Iranian media report a powerful undermining of its structures.

The Isfahan authorities confirmed that the explosion took place at a military facility of the Defense Ministry. They also denied information about the victims.

A little later, the Ministry of Defense itself reported that the plant was blown up with the help of combat drones. The Ministry called the attack "unsuccessful": allegedly one attacking device was destroyed by air defense, and two more hit special traps that knocked the drones off course, and as a result they caused only minor damage to the plant.

Soon there was an explosion at a large refinery specialized in engine oils in Shahid-Salimi (East Azerbaijan), but some agencies also speak of an attack on another ammunition factory and a nearby military depot.

There are also reports of explosions in Tehran, eyewitnesses report military aircraft flying over the city, and claim that administrative buildings are under attack.