Minsk thanks Baku for support

Minsk thanks Baku for support

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus expressed gratitude to Azerbaijan for its support at the "Eastern Partnership" summit.

"We thank brotherly Azerbaijan, which perfectly knows the value of the concepts of sovereignty and independence, for the consistent and uncompromising support of our country in the international arena", the ministry's press service said.

The ministry stressed that Baku has shown itself to be a responsible and independent participant in international relations, consistently adhering to its foreign policy principles in full compliance with the norms of international law.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry reminded that Belarus is linked with the Eastern Partnership countries by a common history, close friendship of peoples, mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation, constructive interaction on various integration platforms, and not a politicized initiative of the European Union.

The ministry also noted that they expected a negative reaction to the anti-Belarusian statements and actions from the states friendly to Minsk. 

"The history of the young post-Soviet countries has repeatedly demonstrated that a seat under any flag can remain empty - depending on geopolitical considerations and the mood of the European bureaucracy", the press service added.