Mishustin: Russia is one of global leaders in electricity supplies

Mishustin: Russia is one of global leaders in electricity supplies

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin congratulated the energy complex's workers and veterans on their professional holiday and emphasized that Russia is one of the world's leading suppliers of electricity to the global market.

"Russia is the largest energy power. The country with a unique energy system, one of the leaders in generating electricity and supplying it to the global market. This is the result of your hard work and professionalism. Each of you does everything to ensure that the country's energy system stays reliable," he said in a statement published on the government website.

Mishustin added that the growth of the country's economy, its industry and agriculture, transport, hospitals, clinics, increasing the standard of living for millions of Russians, as well as ensuring the energy security of the state depend on this.

According to him, the electric power industry is developing dynamically, putting into operation new generation capacities, power lines, and transformer substations. In addition, it solves large-scale tasks aimed at modernizing and expanding backbone infrastructure, further developing the unified energy system. Mishustin also noted that this industry is transitioning digital and environmentally friendly technologies, resource-saving solutions, effective use of traditional and renewable sources.