More than 40 explosive devices defused in Syria

More than 40 explosive devices defused in Syria

Syrian engineers trained by Russian specialists successfully fulfill their mine clearance mission in Syria's Eastern Ghouta and Homs, defusing more than 40 explosive devices, the head of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria, Major General Alexey Tsygankov told the briefing.

"Over the last 24 hours, they have checked 19 buildings in Douma to defuse 6 mines, 4 projectiles, and 17 improvised explosive devices," he said.

According to the Major General, situation in Hama and Homs provinces is being stabilized by the Russian side jointly with the Syrian government.

Tsygakov added that an engineering unit detected and defused 13 mines and seven improvised explosive devices in the northern part of Umm-Sharshuh.

Russian military police organizes observation posts to prevent provocations and register refugees returning to the settlements of Talbiseh, Kharet-Tukman and al-Rastan, RIA Novosti reported.