Moscow ranks first in terms of innovations against COVID-19

Moscow ranks first in terms of innovations against COVID-19

The ranking was based on a global map of innovative solutions for combating the global pandemic and assessments of about 100 leading cities in 40 countries. The Global Map was created in March 2020 with over a thousand solutions added to it over the year.

Moscow is first among European cities in the ranking of innovations that have helped in the fight against COVID-19, according to the weblog of Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin. In the worldwide rating, the Russian capital was ranked third, behind only New York and San Francisco.

According to the international analytical agency StartupBlink, who compiled the ranking, Moscow has offered 50 innovative solutions that are currently being used to combat the spread of coronavirus. Among them is an artificial intelligence used to recognize COVID-induced pneumonia. This technique has already helped radiologists analyze more than three million patients.

"Another innovative solution is a cloud platform that connects patients, doctors, medical organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical industries and sites. Apart from that, technologies that have enabled citizens to adapt to the pandemic, including projects in the field of smart tourism, e-commerce and logistics as well as telecommuting and online education, also contributed to Moscow’s ranking," the blog says.

Among them are the “online schools Foxford and UCHi.RU, the self-isolation index and the Yandex service on COVID-19 tests delivery, telemedicine platforms, digital passes with QR codes, and diagnostic systems.”

Experts from StartupBlink evaluated the measures taken in Moscow in terms of pandemic ratings and impact on the economy.

The Global Map, which is regularly updated, has become one of the main platforms for the international exchange of experience in the fight against COVID-19 between dozens of countries and hundreds of cities around the world.