Muslims start Ramadan fasting

Muslims start Ramadan fasting
Muslims all over the world start a month of Ramadan fasting tonight. They will refrain from food, drinks and recreation before sunset. Muslims will read Tarawih prayers after sunset. Itikaf is another special prayer read during Ramadan. According to Islamic tradition, the Archangel Gabriel gave the Holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad during the same month as Ramadan.
The Ramadan Tent opened on the Poklonnaya Hill today according to tradition for the 10th time, organized by the Russian Muslim Administration and Moscow City Council. The tent was pitched at the Shukhada Memorial Mosque. All visitors will get treats. The program of the tent includes round-table conferences, evening meetings for adults and children, competitions of Quran readings.
The tent this year is 100 square meters larger than the previous year's. Every day in it will be dedicated to certain qualities: patience, obedience, mercy, compassion and so on. 15 republics, including Dagestan, Ingushetia, Tatarstan, Chechnya, the Uigur, Nogai and Ulyanovsk and other communities will be represented. Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan will take part in the tent this year.
The Ramadan Tent will be open every day until July 17.
The goal of Ramadan is to purify the soul. By waiving food and drinks, people experience those living in hunger. The month teaches people to be merciful, generous. A Muslim has to be modest in everything throughout, becoming a better person every year.