NATO Parliamentary Assembly session opens in Tbilisi

NATO Parliamentary Assembly session opens in Tbilisi

The spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) has officially opened in Tbilisi.

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May will be devoted to the meetings of the NATO PA’s five Committees: Political, Defence and Security, Science and Technology, Civil Dimension of Security and Economics and Security. Each Committee will be addressed by speakers from government, academia, NGO’s and NATO.

The session was opened with a joint press conference by NATO PA President Paolo Alli, NATO PA Secretary General David Hobbs, Georgia Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze and the head of the Georgian Delegation to the NATO PA Irakli Sesiashvili. They stressed the importance of Georgia for security and stability in the region and world.

"Stability and security in Georgia is very important for stability in the region, and the stability in this region is very important for all western countries. By protecting and supporting Georgia and its territorial integrity, we protect our countries too. This is the reason why we decided to come here”, President Alli said.

Kobakhidze said that becoming a member of NATO is a choice of the Georgian people and NATO, reported.