Native population returns to liberated Talysh

The event dedicated to the day of the 'Great Return' to Azerbaijan's village of Talish was held today on Flag Square in the Tartar district.

The event was attended by families preparing for resettlement, military personnel, veterans affected by the hostilities in the Talish-Sugovushan direction, and members of the public.

A total of 20 families (90 people) will be resettled in the village of Talish as part of the 'Great Return'. The resettlement will be carried out in two stages. At each stage, 10 families will return to their native lands.

Most former internally displaced persons (IDPs) live in more severe conditions. Responsible public authorities will provide residents with employment following their professional qualifications and skills. They will work in various government agencies, catering facilities, construction companies, garment factories, etc.

The relocated population has all the necessary infrastructure, including a school, a kindergarten, a bank, a post office, and catering facilities. The resettlement process is expected to continue in the coming months as well.