Nebraska proclaims May 28 as Azerbaijan National Day

Nebraska proclaims May 28 as Azerbaijan National Day

Governor of the U.S. state of Nebraska Pete Rickets signed a Proclamation in connection with the 101th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), Azerbaijan’s Consulate General in the U.S. said in a statement.

The document says that the ADR was established on May 28, 1918, and became the first secular parliamentary democracy in the Muslim world, being recognized by other democratic nations, including the U.S.

According to the declaration, the ADR granted all people the right to vote, becoming the first Muslim nation to grant women equal political rights with men.

It was stressed that Azerbaijan restored its independence in 1991. Over 28 years, the republic has consolidated its sovereignty and independence and Azerbaijan has become a staunch ally and strategic partner of the U.S. in the Caspian region.

In conclusion, Pete Rickets proclaimed May 28 as Azerbaijan National Day.