Netanyahu discharged, fitted with heart monitor

the Israeli government website

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was discharged from the hospital on Sunday after doctors implanted a heart monitoring device.

"Our diagnosis, at the end of all the tests performed, including the laboratory tests, is that the reason for the hospitalization was dehydration," the Sheba Medical Center said in a statement.

According to the statement, Netanyahu’s heart was in “excellent condition”, but a heart monitoring device was implanted to "allow the close medical professional team of the prime minister to continue regular monitoring."

Netanyahu thanked the Israeli public for their concern, saying he spent time in the sun without a hat and water and got sick as a result.

On Saturday, Netanyahu, 73, was rushed to the emergency room at Sheba Hospital in central Israel after feeling unwell.

A statement by Netanyahu’s office said that a weekly cabinet meeting scheduled for Sunday was postponed until Monday.

© Photo :the Israeli government website