New InstaZones to appear in Zheleznovodsk

New InstaZones to appear in Zheleznovodsk

The authorities of the Stavropol Territory will establish new InstaZones on Kurortnoye  Lake in Zheleznovodsk, the head of the resort city, Evgeny Moiseev said.

"In Zheleznovodsk, the so-called InstaZones will appear in summer. There, it will be convenient for bloggers to publish their content," Moiseev said, TASS reports.

Later, such zones will be established in other public spaces.

“Social networks are a convenient communication tool. After analyzing the publications, our experts concluded that Instagram remains the most popular social community among Zheleznovodsk residents, which means it is necessary to create relevant  conditions. First of all, we will create Instazones at Kurortnoye Lake, and then at other, no less iconic public spaces of the resort, " Evgeny Moiseev said.