No more luxury gifts at weddings in Chechnya

No more luxury gifts at weddings in Chechnya

© Photo: Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Responding to Ramzan Kadyrov's criticism, the Muftiate of Chechnya set standards for Chechen weddings, forbidding, in particular, expensive gifts and excessive dowry to the groom's family.

Expensive wedding gifts are now banned in Chechnya by the Republican Spiritual Board of Muslims. The Chechen muftiate has developed wedding standards and, in particular, resolved the gift issue.

According to the new rules, luxurious gifts are forbidden to any of the participants in the wedding, including the groom and the groom's parents. The muftiate explained that luxury jewelry, cars, apartments and other items with a high price are a manifestation of excess, which goes against both national traditions and the rules of Islam.

At the same time, the Republican Spiritual Board of Muslims of Chechnya did not set a specific price threshold for wedding gifts.

Excessive dowry is also unacceptable, although the exact amount of property transferred to the groom's possession has not been determined. The dress on the bride should not contradict the national traditions and rules of Islam.

Bride-money threshold is set at the level of 50,000 rubles.