North Caucasus Federal District makes a stake on medical tourism

North Caucasus Federal District makes a stake on medical tourism

The North Caucasus Federal District is making a stake on medical tourism, and therefore in future the Ministry of the North Caucasus will promote the law on the special eco-resort region ‘Caucasian Mineral Waters’, the head of Minkavkaz, Lev Kuznetsov announced today.

"We want to fight for medical tourism. It is no secret that many of our citizens travel abroad to receive quality medical care. Our task is to do it so that tourists can receive the same assistance, but in the best conditions. In addition to human knowledge, we still have a gift of nature – the air, the water, and the mud," Kuznetsov spoke about the new tactics of the North Caucasus Resorts.

According to the preliminary plans, the priority areas of medical tourism in the region will be Kislovodsk, Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk and Pyatigorsk. "It is the creation of a new medical cluster, which will combine the construction of a university clinic where high-tech operations will be performed and specialists prepared,’’ the minister said on the TV channel ‘Russia-24’.

Kuznetsov said that medical tourism will create half a million jobs in the region. "Tourism provides strong potential for development or revival, the legalization of small and medium-sized businesses. The challenge for small businesses is to make these tourism projects their projects," the head of Minkavkaz addressed entrepreneurs, drawing attention to the importance of improving the investment climate in the North Caucasus Federal District.

In general, the new tourism and health projects will primarily help improve the quality of life in the North Caucasus. Among these projects there is one main one – a ski cluster, as it "has a clear long-term strategy and will be competitive," for this reason the development of the main resorts – Arkhyz, Elbrus and Veduchi – will continue in 2016.