North of Kazakhstan prepares for second wave of floods

press service of the government of Kazakhstan

Forecasters and rescuers warn that the North of Kazakhstan is facing a second wave of floods.

"In the Sergeevsky reservoir, the water fill is 166%. The water was at around 348 centimeters. The second flood wave is approaching",

the Chief Specialist of the Information and Analytical Group of the North Caucasus Region Zhazira Kozhakhmetova said.

She further noted that the already evacuated residents of the region are currently in temporary accommodation centers.

Causes of the second wave of floods
The main reason for the second flood wave is the increase in air temperature after the first wave. As a result, the snow begins to melt actively, the water level in rivers and lakes rises, which can lead to flooding.

In the event of a new wave of floods, rescuers recommend preparing the necessary supplies of food, water, medicine and other necessary things in case of possible isolation.

The roof, drainage systems should also be checked. One should make sure that the drainage systems are working properly.

© Photo :press service of the government of Kazakhstan