Nuclear power plant might appear in Almaty region

Nuclear power plant might appear in Almaty region

The Kazakh authorities decided that the nuclear power plant might be built in Ulken village, Almaty region, Kazakh Energy Minister Magzum Mirzagaliyev said during the Senate meeting.

According to him, there is no precise decision on the construction of the nuke plant so far, but it's location has been decided.

Ulken village is located near the Balhash lake some 300 km from Almaty, AKIpress reported.

On April 3, during the meeting with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia proposes to build a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan.

"Cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy continues; there are six Russian-Kazakh uranium mining and enrichment operations. We suggest moving on to new forms of cooperation, meaning, first of all, the building of a Russian technology-based nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan," Putin said.