Oleg Kazakovtsev: the new law protects the rights of debtors

Oleg Kazakovtsev: the new law protects the rights of debtors

Today the member of the Federation Council's Budget and Financial Markets Committee, the representative of the legislative (representative) body of the government of the Kirov region, Oleg Kazakovtsev, was a guest at the ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ studio. During live broadcast of the ‘Tribune’ program he spoke about a legislative regulation of debt collections.

Above all the senator noted that the legal framework regulating debt collecting was being worked out before the matter or flagrant violations of laws and rights of the Russian citizens started receiving media attention. 

"Last year I drafted a law on the debt collecting, since was no understanding of what it is and who should be involved in it. Unfortunately, the draft remained without attention by the State Duma for a long period of time. Thanks to the media, the problem is being discussed all over the country. I want to make clear that those cases when collectors used violence against debtors have nothing to do with debt collecting, and should be subjected to a criminal investigation,’’ he said.

The law, which is to be considered by the State Duma is meant to protect the rights and interests of individuals who pay debts back. It should guarantee the compliance with the debtors’ civil rights.

"I believe it is very important that only legal entities with a minimum paid authorized capital of 10 million rubles can be allowed to collect debts," Oleg Kazakovtsev noted.

Such requirements make the owner of the debt collecting company responsible for the process and stimulate a more careful selection of the personnel. "In addition, a authorized government body will control the activities of such organizations,’’ the senator expressed his confidence.


At the same time, he acknowledged that the new legal framework is not a cure. 

"From my point of view, this law will improve the situation with the debtors’ rights, but there still remain issues that we have to deal with.  The main problem is that it is the poor, who take loans from microfinance organizations, had to experience some unpleasant situations during debt collecting. 

We will protect the citizens, but no matter what, people will continue to take loans from microfinance institutions and find themselves in debt ,’’ Oleg Kazakovtsev concluded.