Oleg Stepko becomes a champion in uneven bars at World Cup in Gymnastics in Baku

Oleg Stepko becomes a champion in uneven bars at  World Cup in Gymnastics in Baku

Azerbaijani gymnast Oleg Stepko became a champion in uneven bars at the FIG World Challenge Cup at the Artistic Gymnastics, being held in Baku for the first time. Stepko won a gold medal by gaining 15.55 points.

Ferhat Aridzhan from Turkey won a silver medal in this discipline, departing from the Azerbaijani sportsman at 0.2 points.  Japanese gymnast Kazumi Kaya won a bronze  with 15.25 points.

Thus, Oleg Stepko collected all three possible rewards of the World Cup - the champion’s gold in uneven bars, a silver in vault and bronze for the exercises on the rings.

According to the athlete, he performed "minimal task’ of  the tournament. "This is the first start, there is still a lot of starts before the Olympics, we know what to work out, we will fix all the bugs and improve the results in other World Cups.I am satisfied with a gold medal, but I know my errors and I will work on them. A work is a work: you get what you are working on, " correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reports the words of Oleg Stepko.

His total performance he estimated at 70%. "I did not get into those disciplines to which I was prepared in the first place, so this is a little bit disappointing. I got into  rings and bar, and had to get into  horse and voluntary. Therefore, in general, I am somehow happy, somehow unhappy, but I know on what and where to continue to work. Qatar is in a month, we will try to fix it ",  the Azerbaijani gymnast concluded.

Photo: Oleg Stepko on the podium during the awarding of the three winners in exercises on rings.