Opposition refuses to take up mandates in Georgian parliament

Opposition refuses to take up mandates in Georgian parliament

The European Georgia opposition party, which has received five mandates in the 150-member parliament, has refused to have its MPs take up their mandates in parliament and participate in the election run-off on November 21 in several majoritarian constituencies. 

The party members have stated that the Georgian Dream government has fabricated the elections ‘with the help of state agencies and criminal groups’. 

"Unfortunately, what happened in the election commissions made it clear what kind of elections were held on October 31," the party's leader David Bakradze said. 

"Entering the parliament will equal joining the Georgian Dream party and will mean the legitimation of the illegitimate elections," another leader of the party Gigi Ugulava said, noting that the opposition will take to the streets on November 8. 

The Alliance of Patriots also says that they will not enter the legislative body.

International observers and embassies have stated that the elections were ‘mostly competitive and free.’ 

The ruling Georgian Dream party says that the opposition has failed to accept the election results in a dignified manner. 

Former Parliament Vice-Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili said that the opposition will make a ‘big mistake’ if they refuse to enter the parliament. 

"The elections have international legitimation and neither people nor the international community will understand why the opposition refuses to enter the legislative body," Agenda.ge cited Chugoshvili as saying. 

She added that the opposition has taken more mandates in the elections than ever and their being in parliament will make a difference.