Oppositionist provokes scuffle in Armenian parliament

Oppositionist provokes scuffle in Armenian parliament

© Photo: Website of the Armenian Parliament

Another brawl took place in the National Assembly of Armenia. The scuffle was initiated by MPs from the opposition, more precisely, a woman parliamentarian, Taguhi Tovmasyan.

The scuffle took place today in the Armenian parliament due to the stubbornness of the opposition, the local media report.

The representative of the I Have Honor Alliance Taguhi Tovmasyan, speaking from the rostrum, refused to leave it, ”in order to prevent the representatives of the ruling party from taking her place and uttering lies”, as she said.

The chairman of the parliament, Alen Simonyan, who called her to order, could not reason with the oppositionist. Other representatives of the opposition joined Tovmasyan, and a brawl began.

As a result, Simonyan announced a break, the reluctant opposition deputies were forced to leave the hall, Sputnik Armenia reports.

After a break, the meeting resumed, and the speaker of parliament reprimanded the participants in the incident, depriving them of the floor for today.