Organization of Turkic States to create its own investment fund

Organization of Turkic States to create its own investment fund

The Organization of Turkic States (OTS) plans to open an investment fund. This was stated by Deputy Secretary General of the OTS Gismet Gozalov at a conference of official think tanks of the organization's member countries, which is being held in Shusha.

"We have prepared a document on the concept of interaction  of the Turkic states until 2040, for the development and integration of the Organization of Turkic States' member countries", Trend quotes him.

In turn, the Director of the Institute of Applied Ethnopolitical Studies of Kazakhstan, Talgat Kaliyev, made a proposal to expand mutual directions of passenger air transportation for the Turkic world countries. "We need to expand air traffic and establish more favorable tariffs for the development of tourism in the Turkic world", he said.

He also noted that it is necessary to form personnel exchange programs, in particular, in the mass media sphere for the Turkic countries' integration.

A new meeting of representatives of the Turkic states' think tanks is planned to be held in the fall of 2022, Farid Shafiyev, Chairperson of the Center for International Relations Analysis' Board, said at the conference.

Earlier today, representatives of think tanks of member countries and observers of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) arrived in Shusha. The main topic of the conference will be the participation of the Organization of Turkic States in the work on the liberated territories of Azerbaijan restoration, as well as the future of the Interregional Platform of Central Asia and the South Caucasus, proposed by Kyrgyzstan. The participants of the event will also discuss the new geopolitical realities in the region and its impact on the organization, the possibilities of increasing the role of the common corridor that unites the countries included in the OTS and increasing trade turnover.

In addition to this, a walk around Shusha is organized for guests.