Orphan child disappeared in Karaganda region

Orphan child disappeared in Karaganda region

© Photo: Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

The fact of possible human trafficking is being investigated in Kazakhstan. A school-age child, abandoned by his parents immediately after birth, was listed as not attending school, and his actual location is unknown.

The child's disappearance is being investigated in Kazakhstan; law enforcement officers suspect that he became a victim of child traffickers. Details of the emergency were provided by the prosecutor's office of the Karaganda region.

According to officials, the boy did not go to school. Perhaps because of this, his disappearance was not noticed in time.

“The child was abandoned at the Regional Perinatal Center of Karaganda in 2011, as a newborn, and was subsequently assigned to the Pionersky orphanage in the Osakarovsky district,”

– the prosecutor’s office reports.

Law enforcement officers found out that the child is not in the orphanage. Where he is now is unknown. A preliminary investigation into child trafficking is underway.