Over 150 Russian tourists with COVID-19 stuck in Cuba

Over 150 Russian tourists with COVID-19 stuck in Cuba

More than 150 Russian tourists who tested positive for COVID-19 upon their arrival in Cuba are now waiting for new coronavirus test results, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Cuba Nana Mgeladze said

"We are talking about tourists from flights that arrived between 30 June and 2 July. On the first one, on 30 June, there were 133 people, including crew members, who received positive COVID-19 results for tests taken at the airport. Follow-up testing confirmed the infection in 33 people," Sputnik cited Mgeladze as saying.

An American classic car and bicycle share the road on the Malecon amid a cloud of Sahara dust in Havana, Cuba, Thursday, June 25, 2020.

According to the consul, 130 Russian tourists are still in quarantine in their hotel rooms. Over a dozen others, who arrived in Cuba before 29 June, had been quarantined earlier.

The tourists themselves claim that they are not exhibiting any symptoms, are not ill and have documents to prove that they have antibodies to the coronavirus or have negative COVID-19 test results, obtained on the day of their departure from Russia.