Over 30% of Russians seek a mix of in-office and remote work - survey

Over 30% of Russians seek a mix of in-office and remote work - survey

One in three Russians (33%) seek to combine remote work and office time, while 44% of respondents want to return to their workplace, a survey carried out by DOM.RF mortgage agent jointly with the Russian Public Opinion Research Center showed.

"A new format of work has emerged, it’s a combination of onsite work and remote work from home. Some 33% of respondents wish to switch to this work model in the future. Meanwhile, 44% of respondents still refer to work in office or at a workplace as the best work format," according to the survey.

Only 7% of respondents are ready to fully switch to remote work. More than half of Russians (59%), who have already worked remotely, said their home is suitable for such work model, TASS reported.

According to the survey, in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic 27% of Russians had to temporarily work remotely and another 6% were switched to remote work on a permanent basis.

"After 2020 we could speak about forming a new work model that is in high-demand - a combined one. One in three staff would like to work so," Director for Personnel and Operational Effectiveness Alexei Perventsev said.

The opinion poll was carried out on December 23-29, 2020 among 1,600 Russians. The maximum margin of error did not exceed 2.5%.