Pashinyan claims political crisis in Armenia is over

 The Armenian Prime Minister's website

The political crisis in Armenia, which sparked on November 9, 2020, is over, Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said Monday at a rally, dedicated to the victory at the snap parliamentary elections. According to Pashinyan, it is now possible to start working as usual tomorrow.

"The internal political crisis, which started in Armenia on November 9, is over. Starting tomorrow, we will work as usual. And we must understand that the conditions and the [political] climate in the country has changed significantly, because the people gave us a mandate to impose a dictatorship of the law in the country," Pashinyan said.

He also noted, that, in the past three years, the Armenian people "carried out two revolutions."

Last Sunday, snap parliamentary elections took place in Armenia. According to the Central Electoral Commission, Pashunyan’s Civil Contract party came first, with 53.92% of votes, with a voter turnout of 49.4%. 

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