Patrushev: Anglo-Saxons behind calls for unrest in North Caucasus

Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Anglo-Saxons and their accomplices are inciting mass protests and terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said.

"Today, in order to provoke extremist behavior in the North Caucasus, they are spreading calls for mass riots, illegal actions and terrorist acts," Patrushev said, speaking in Nalchik at a security meeting in the North Caucasian Federal District.

"This destructive activity is carried out with the coordination and support of the Anglo-Saxons and their henchmen," he pointed out. According to the security chief, Russia has already encountered the use of such methods and remembers what the residents of the North Caucasus had to endure. "When the West provoked a conflict on the territory of our country using international terrorist organizations," the security chief added.

"Then we managed, with the active participation of residents of the Caucasus, to decisively suppress criminal activities that posed a threat to the territorial integrity of Russia and keep the peace," Patrushev said.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza